I'd loved to have you as a sponsor

What can I say, I want your money, and in return you get international media coverage, and I say lots of nice things about you.

Seriously though, taking up the sport of Speed Skating is quite an investment, not only in time, but also financially. I am using my own income/savings to fund both my training and living expenses, and I can assure you that this game of self-funding will wear out its welcome. I am looking for sponsors that have similar goals to myself, continually striving for excellence, have long and short term goals that continue to motivate and challenge you, take on new opportunities at the drop of a hat, have a love of fast fluid motion and preferably are not to put off by cold weather....

If this sounds like you, we should talk. In return for your investment in Australian Speed Skating, and me specifically, I am able to assist you in your endeavours also, this is not a one way street. I offer some/all of the following, dependant upon your level of commitment and investment in our sport/me (read $$).

For more details, please contact me at the address below.

Click here ->Mark A. Eaton or send e-mails to mark@eaton.net

I must gratefully acknowledge the support I already receive from Hunter Sportswear and Viking. Hunter Sportswear manufacture my racing suits and training clothes. They also supply the current 'unofficial' uniform. Viking supply my most important piece of equipment, my skates.