These links are to pages with varied content, from the International Skating Union to friends websites. Other sites have given me inspiration for my site (read: ideas to steal), helped me in the onerous chore of HTML coding, and given clues to help me fix those nagging bugs that come up from time to time. There is

  • The newspaper at home in Melbourne, the world's greatest city (It's official, read about the award here). The place for Australian news, if ya want it, here's where ya can get it

  • The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia...big time supporters of speed skating in Australia (short track only at this stage), as well as the other winter sports, which our country has decided we can succeed in, even if they are not tennis, cricket or swimming.

  • Swedish Speed Skating Federation...ok, so it's in Swedish, but you can still find some good stuff here. Even read about and see some pics of my Swedish friends...

  • The almighty International Skating Union.

  • The Australian Institute of Sport...this site has an immense library of knowledge, most of which is available to all who visit. Check out the nutrition section, for my kitchen favourites.

  • The Olympic Oval, second home in Canada, after my actual home (in Canada), of course. The Oval's site has info on training programs and staff, upcoming events and lots of racing results, or at least they did last time I was there.

  • Got another site you feel deserves to be here...send it to me, I'll check it out, if it's worthy it'll be added to the bunch here.