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Name: Mark Andrew Eaton Nickname: meaton or TB2 (don't ask)
Gender: Male Country of origin: Australia
DOB: 16 March, sometime in the 1970s Place of birth: Melbourne, AUS
Residence: Sandviken, SWE and Calgary, CAN Hometown: Melbourne, AUS
Height: 1.89m/6'2" (I think) Weight: 78kg/??lbs
Education: Year 11 (High School) Various other post-secondary, see below for other training Profession: Systems Analyst, inline instructor, fitness instructor, hamburger expert
Marital status: Single Number of children: None that I'm aware of
Hobbies: Cycling, SCUBA diving, inline skating, skiing Major injuries: Apart from the odd cut, none, touch wood...
Languages spoken: English, the odd word of Dutch, Swedish, French. I am also fluent in Australian, Canadian and American also. Club: In Melbourne (AUS), the Southern Flyers. In SWE, Sandvikens Skridskoklubb.

Personal Records (All sports)

Long Track Ice

500 metres – 41.77 (2001/02 – Calgary - Canada)
1000 metres – 1.23.07 (2001/02 – Calgary - Canada)
1500 metres – 2.02.17 (2001/02 – Calgary - Canada)
3000 metres – 4.11.65 (2001/02 – Calgary - Canada)
5000 metres – 7.15.84 (2001/02 – Calgary - Canada)

Short Track Ice

500 metres – 57.24 (16/12/1999 - Brisbane – Australia)
1000 metres – 2.02.01 (16/03/2000 - Melbourne – Australia)
1500 metres – 2.58.04 (17/12/1999 – Brisbane – Australia)
3000 metres – 6.15.75 (17/12/1999 – Brisbane – Australia)

Inline Speed (Road Only)

300 metre time trial - 31.904 seconds (Early 1999 – Melbourne – Australia)
500 metre time trial – 54.895 seconds (07/1999 – Robina – Australia)
1500 metres – 1.47.903 (07/1999 – Robina – Australia)
3000 metres – No time available (Ranked 10th in Open Men category Nationally - 07/1999 – Robina – Australia)
5000 metres – No time available (Ranked 4th in Mens ‘B’ category in state - Early 1999 – Melbourne – Australia)
10000 metres – 18.10 minutes, 1st place (Melbourne – Australia 09/04/2000)
20000 metres – No time available (Ranked 8th in Mens ‘B’ category in state – 01/1999 – Melbourne – Australia)
42 Km Inline Marathon – 1.41.07 (Ranked 19th Nationally - 07/1999 – Robina – Australia)
* Inline Speed Track (indoor) times are available if required.

Skating Background

1994- Recreational Inline Skater Australia, USA, Canada

Self taught, and started to teach others on an informal basis
Continue to skate for cross training purposes
Competed in Physical Blade ’97, as Rec skater 19th overall (2000 skaters)
Skate around 30-40kms a week.

1998- Inline Speed Skater Australia

Active and competitive member of Eltham Speed Skating club since January 1998
Victorian State Team Member (Speed) 1999 (Victoria is a state/province of Australia)
Competed in 15 Grand Prix events in Victoria (Inter-club race meets), also Southern Cross Championships 1999, Melbourne Marathon 1999, Victorian State Titles 1999, National Titles 1999, Brighton Bay Run/Skate
Ranked in Top 10 in Victoria, Top 30 Nationally in 1999.

2000- IISA (ICP) Inline Skating Instructor Australia

Level 1 & 2 Certified instructor
Conduct lessons around Melbourne on a weekly basis
Planning on completing ICP Level 3 (Speed) September 2000, in Montreal
Assist others in getting the most from inline skating through promoting the ideals of the International Inline Skating Association (IISA), i.e. Fun, Safety and Learning.

1999- Short Track Ice Speed Skater Australia, Europe

Joined Southern Flyers club in February 1999
Member of Victorian State Team 1999
Trained in Australia & Europe (Sweden & The Netherlands)
Traveled and trained with ST World Cup tour through Europe in January and February 2000
Competed in the Victorian State finals, also in the National Finals as a member of the state team
Competed in various races with the State team I am a member of
Ranked 21 Nationally in 1999.

2000- Long Track Ice Speed Skater Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, USA & Canada

Ranked No.1 competing LT skater Nationally.
Competed in the CanAm meets in Calgary and Butte, Montana. Placed 25th in Calgary, 10th in Butte for All Round Short competition
Currently training in Calgary in High Performance Program, under Janos Englert, commenced July 2000
Trained in Europe January, February and September 2000 & Australia

May and June 2000
Competed in the Mellansvenska (Middle Sweden) Race meet 22/23 January 2000 (held at Karlstad, Sweden)
Competed in the Groningen Sportcentrum Kardinge Clubkampionschap 13 February 2000 (held at Groningen, The Netherlands).

Past Training Long Track Specific

Training Fulltime at the Olympic Oval, Calgary. This is a 5/6 day per week program, with racing every weekend.
Trained in Utrecht and Groningen in September 2000.
January 2000 I trained with the Kristinehamn Speedskating club in Sweden 3 days per week, on natural and artificial ice in Kristinehamn and Karlstad
During this time I cycled, swam and completed resistance training, at least two sessions per day, apart from the ice training
February 2000 was spent between Amsterdam, Groningen and Heerenveen, training at Jaap Eden (ST & LT), Kardinge and Thialf Ovals
During February I ran and cycled in between the two ice sessions per day
2-3 sessions per week were spent on a LT specific slide board here in Australia.

Short Track Training

2-3 sessions per week were spent on the ST ice here in Australia, due to lack of ice availability, this is with the Southern Flyers Speedskating Club
Land training was completed once per week, this included some running also land training specific to ice racing (E.g. Plyometric work)
Once per week I completed a road inline session specifically for ice training, this is completed in my ST boots, with inline racing frames and wheels to best duplicate the ice motion.

Nonspecific Cross training

Cycling 15 km twice per day, 5 days per week (45 minutes, Average HR 130-132 BPM)
Lap swimming twice per week, 1 Km minimum per session
Running twice per week, with a minimum of 20 minutes each session, increasing by 1 minute increments each session ( 4-5 Kms, Average HR 152)
Recreational skating 2-3 times per week, on speed skates, 10-35 Kms per session
Recreational cycling 2-3 times per month 10-40 Kms
Skipping (Jump Rope) 1-2 times per week, length of session varies.


I believe my greatest strength would be my overall fitness, as I have been training at a moderate pace since 1997, and more specifically since the start of 1998. I maintain a resting heart rate of between 38 and 41 beats per minute, which I closely monitor to ensure I do not over train. This fitness level is able to be maintained due to the 2-4 sessions of various types of training I complete 6-7 days per week, which leads me to my second strength. My determination and dedication to my goals and dreams is my other main strength. This saw me spend my annual holidays on a self-imposed training course around the ice rinks of Europe during the first 2 months of this year. I believe that if I can train myself 5-6 days per week on my holiday, I will achieve my goals. A complete addiction for any skating also helps! I also maintain a training diet at all times, utilising the Australian Institute of Sports ‘Official Cookbook for busy atheletes’, this helps to ensure I sustain an intake high in complex carbohydrates and protein, and low in fat.

I see my weaknesses as my LT technique, and lack of ice time here in Australia. Apart from no LT ice at all, the ST ice that is available is of very poor quality. It is a dream to have access to ice twice a day, and being given professional coaching. The coaching I received in Europe saw my 500 metre time improve by 3 seconds in just 3 weeks, I can only imagine the improvements I would see by maintaining the training level I want to. I would also see a lack of high quality coaching here in Australia as limiting me as well, this has stopped me from realising my true potential. I believe that the combination of the excellent ice access and the superior coaching will enable me to reach my goals, to then qualify for, and compete in, the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Other Training

1999–2002 Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney (AUS)

Vicfit Qualified Fitness Instructor (Pending)
IISA Level 1 & 2 Inline Skating Instructor (Instructor Certification Program)
PADI qualified Divemaster SCUBA Diver (Pending)
Level 2 First Aid Certificate Holder.


Cycling, swimming, running, SCUBA diving, hiking, skiing and inline/ice skating.