Welcome to my 'iHome', a new and ever changing place...some due to my actions, some due to yours. Here you will generally find habitated with speed skating bits and pieces, as you may know this takes up most of my time these days...but other stuff just seems to pop up from time to time. Down Under is a little warm for the 400 metre Oval of solid glass-smooth ice that is needed for this sport, so I have ended up in other parts of the world including Sweden, The Netherlands (NOT HOLLAND!) and Canada...my current place of abode.

Australia already has an excellent Short Track Ice Racing team, based in Brisbane, Australia. Steve Bradbury has shown the skills our country has, picking up Australia's first ever Winter Olympic Gold Medal (want to mention Ms. Camplin here also, but only for personal reasons), and in Lillehammer the Short Track Relay Team achieved a Bronze Medal. Many legends have graced the ovals of the world, Danny Kah, Colin Coates, Mike Richmond & Philip Tahmindjis to name only a few. Australia is yet to achieve an Olympic medal in Long Track Speed Skating.....patience is a virtue, I'm told.

Here you'll find out a bit more about an Australian speed skater, what got him started, what keeps him going, what he does to keep going, those who help and have helped, a pictorial history of sorts, find out "what's the plan" and how you could help out in the future.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you head on back again soon, after a look around of course...never know what you'll learn here, who you'll meet or see.

cya soon - mark

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